About Us

B. Ajay Enterprises and Ajay Copiers, one of the leading Laser printing, copier and binding service provider in Pune, was initially started with a vision of providing integrated printing services to graduate, post graduate students of all educational stream and also Ph.D thesis from all over Maharashtra because of the monopoly in computerized golden embossing technology introduce and indigenously made.

Right now, B. Ajay Enterprises has manpower of more than 10 people who are adding value to the organization. It has shown immense growth in last couple of year and is in a continuous process of growth – giving equal opportunities to its employees to grow as well. We do believe that great organizations are built by great people and hence, we are committed to a nurturing and performance driven culture where each member gets a chance to exploit and experiment upon his or her strengths. Ajay Enterprises is a family where each member feels energized and motivated to work for an empowered environment.

Ajay Copiers today provides various Printing and allied services which includes Digital laser color and B/W printing, thesis and dissertation printing, patented computerized embossing and binding and allied works required for Students, professors etc. Plus there’s lot more to come.

We are one of the fastest and affordable service providers with respect to quality and services regarding thesis and project report completion. Plus point of our business is that we are located exactly at the SAVITRIBAI PHULE UNIVERSITY OF PUNE.

Our cliental base is wide enough in the area as there are all educational Institutes, Universities and government organizations located in this area along with some national R & D premises.

Major cliental base is all final year students and professor who are about to complete their education or get the final degree. We provide services to all educational stream like medical, pharmacy, diploma, engineering, software etc.